Leadership Training for Managers

Удирдлагуудад зориулсан манлайллын курс хөтөлбөр

Learn proven methods for developing engaged, high-performing teams.

In a results-oriented business environment, accomplished leaders know that engaging their teams is critical to achieving goals. To that end, a study conducted by Dale Carnegie found that teams who are enthusiastic, inspired, confident, and empowered are considerably more likely to engage in achieving organizational goals. The research also indicated that leaders who sincerely care about their people foster a culture of engagement.

Today, more than ever, shaping how an organization ticks and how employees function within are top priorities. 

Олон нийтэд зарлагдсан өдрүүд

Хөтөлбөрийн нэр: Удирдлагуудад зориулсан манлайллын курс хөтөлбөр | Leadership Training for Managers

Үргэлжлэх хугацаа: 3 бүтэн өдөр 

Нийт: 24 цаг

Өдрүүд: 1 сарын 16, 17, 20нд

Цаг: 09:00 – 18:00

Энэхүү курс хөтөлбөрийг та багийнхан, хамт олондоо зориулан зохион байгуулах хүсэлтэй бол бидэнтэй холбогдоорой.

Хэн оролцох вэ?

Managers or leaders wishing to develop a leadership approach and skills that increase team performance, enabling them to grow within the organization.

Юу сурах вэ?

Discover the 5 Drivers of Leadership Success and master an 8-Step Planning process that enables you to define and align performance goals. Learn to recognize the potential in others and effective coaching techniques to help them realize their goals. Explore processes for driving innovation and delegating to match talent to task.

Яагаад сурах хэрэгтэй вэ?

Leaders who demonstrate certain principles create an environment where employees are motivated, not forced, to bring their best to work. Certain principles strengthen teamwork and trust, leading to a more cohesive, creative and constructive workforce. You’ll gain the skills to motivate teams, and what can be more valuable than that?

Төгсөгчид ямар тустай вэ?

You will maximize your own performance, become a stronger leader, and add more value to the organization. Become a champion leader who strategically aligns organizational objectives with individual development goals so that both roads lead to breakthrough performance.

Ямар ур чадвар эзэмших вэ?

Interpersonal Skills: Consistently builds strong, long-term relationships both inside and outside the organization

Teamwork: Aligns resources by matching talent to task to deliver most effectively on individual and team and organizational goals

Change Management: Seeks opportunities to redirect self, others, and processes to transform the organization

Accountability: Accepts responsibility and encourages others to do the same

Coaching: Partners with individuals in a supportive process to guide them to maximize their personal or professional potential

Communication: Practices active listening supported with relevant oral and written information

Миний хувьд маш олон төрлийн сургалтад сууж мэдлэг, мэдээлэл чадвараа нэмэгдүүлэхийг эрмэлздэг төрлийн хүн. Ихэнх сургалтаас онолын мэдлэг хуримтлуулж аваад ашиглахгүй байсаар байгаад нэг л мэдэхэд мартчихсан байдаг. Дэйл карнегийн Leadership training сургаалтанд суугаад мэдэж авсан мэдлэгээ туршиж үзээд хийж үзээд  чадвар болгоод  танхимаас авч гараад хэрэгжүүлж чадаж байгаадаа үнэхээр сэтгэл хангалуун байдаг. Одоо ойр дотнынхоо бүхий л хүмүүст энэ сургалтын төвд заавал сууж үзээ гэж нүүр бардам санал болгодог шүү. Баярлалаа

Удирдлагуудад зориулсан манлайллын курс хөтөлбөрийн төгсөгч Н.Долгор