Winning with Relationship Selling

Харилцаагаар амжилттай борлуулах нь

By approaching your clients with the right attitude and focusing on their success as opposed to just your own, you will make a connection based on mutual respect and trust.

In Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling, learn how to build productive relationships built on reciprocal trust that comes from established credibility and a mutual understanding of value. These relationships happen when the seller can demonstrate a genuine comprehension of the client’s world—their real needs—based on asking powerful questions and listening skills that identify opportunities and challenges and uncover unknown or unexpressed requirements.

In an environment where the seller can’t always win on price, it’s important to be focused on the real customer wants and needs that will ensure mutual success. Dale Carnegie’s proprietary Sales Model and Process is adaptable within any sales culture and fits any salesperson’s style. You should treat sales like you treat other relationships. It’s give and take, with a heavy emphasis on give!

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Хөтөлбөрийн нэр: Харилцаагаар амжилттай борлуулах нь

Үргэлжлэх хугацаа: 3 бүтэн өдөр 

Нэг удаа: 8 цаг

Өдрүүд: 4 сарын 20, 21 болон 27нд

Цаг: 09:00 – 18:00

Энэхүү курс хөтөлбөрийг та багийнхан, хамт олондоо зориулан зохион байгуулах хүсэлтэй бол бидэнтэй холбогдоорой.

Хэн оролцох вэ?

All sales professionals who want to achieve higher results through stronger relationships

Юу сурах вэ?

Many salespeople and their organizations have pivoted to a virtual selling model or blended model with a combination of in-person and virtual meetings. While the psychology of the process stays the same, different delivery styles are often needed. This course covers both leading practices in virtual selling as well as in-person.

Selling in today’s complex and volatile world is brutal, as the competition is always nipping at your heels. The advantage you had yesterday may be gone today. Additionally, customers, who have become more informed, have higher expectations, and greater power through their ability to share their experiences with the world and learn from others via the Internet and social media.

When customers have completed 70% of the buying process or can complete many online purchases without ever engaging with a single salesperson, traditional sales tactics simply no longer work. Your customers are the personification of the empowered consumer, knowledgeable beyond the need for basic information. You need a relationship-selling approach that leads to a profitable relationship.

Discover the unique value you bring to your customers as a professional salesperson – You. Along with the skillset to achieve your desired performance change, you will strengthen your mindset to sustain your performance change.  

Expect Thoroughly Trained Trainers: The participants in Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling are made up of a spectrum of experience from people new to sales to veterans retooling their skills. Psychological Safety is emphasized to create a safe place to try out new skills and ideas. The trainers are highly vetted and undergo intense training that is ISO9002 certified to achieve consistent results globally. While part of a global organization, they are connected to your local culture, customs and language. As a bonus, all Dale Carnegie Sales Trainers are successful salespeople and add their credibility and experience to yours.

Expect Breakthroughs: Each time a new tool is introduced, it is demonstrated and practiced the ‘right’ way and coached in the moment before moving it out into your sales practice. Once a tool has been tested with customers and others, the group holds itself accountable by reporting back on what did or did not work. This fascinating approach makes it possible for everyone to learn from each other’s efforts.  By experiencing a series of successful attempts with positive reinforcement, habits are changed, and new skills are ingrained.

Яагаад сурах хэрэгтэй вэ?

If your approach is insincere or inappropriate, and/or if you fail to build the necessary relationships with your target audience, you can wave your quota goodbye! Unsuccessful salespeople focus on trying to get the sale at any cost by trying to figure out what to say or do to get the prospect to buy. Successful salespeople know that when they try honestly to see things from the prospect’s point of view, they can provide insight and a unique solution to build a mutually beneficial relationship, not just one sale.

While it is true that selling has changed dramatically over the past few decades due to customer knowledge, globalization, technology, the internet, etc., what hasn’t changed over thousands and thousands of years is how people buy. To decide to buy, the seller has to go through five distinct mental processing steps. A skilled professional understands the psychology of this process (Connect-Collaborate-Create-Confirm-Commit) and is thereby able to facilitate—not manipulate— the process. A thorough understanding of this process helps the salesperson stay out of the way to allow a client to buy.

Төгсөгчид ямар тустай вэ?

By mastering a relationship-based selling approach, you can offer your customers value they can’t find on the Internet: You! And you position yourself for long-term partnerships that bring positive outcomes for all parties. As a result, you can expect:

  • Increased sales
  • Cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Proven success backed up with testimonials
  • Ways to incorporate leading practices in virtual selling as well as in-person
  • Greater customer loyalty, which equates to more repeat sales
  • Lower costs of sales, as it is far less expensive to keep a current customer than acquire a new one
  • Discovery of more opportunities for sales
  • Better customer satisfaction by being better able to meet their wants and needs
  • More effective prospecting
  • More sharing of information between buyer and seller can lead to co-creation of value and innovation for the company in terms of new solutions

Ямар ур чадвар эзэмших вэ?

  • Attitude: Maintains a friendly, positive, and enthusiastic outlook.
  • Initiative: Proactively makes things happen. Evaluates and takes corrective action with self and others.
  • Influence: Consistently directs situations and inspires mutual commitment and an all-win outcome.
  • Communication: Practices active listening supported with relevant oral and written information.
  • Professionalism: Projects an image of honesty, confidence, and integrity that fosters credibility.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Consistently builds strong, long-term relationships both inside and outside the organization.
  • Customer Experience: Sees the world from the customer perspective to create a positive engagement that meets their needs and creates loyal champions of our organization
  • Customer Acquisition: Identifies and converts prospects into loyal, long-term customers.

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